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How Our Client’s Hair Grew Back with UltraStrands

Have you ever wondered if it is indeed possible for your hair to grow back after trauma or a combination

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What happens After …

Are we more obsessed with the before that we fail to appreciate the after.  Are we constantly looking backwards at

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Before and After with Ultrastrands

Amasing transformations. The most versatile hair solution in the UK . Watch and find out for yourself

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ULTRASTRANDS Volumising Hair Solutions

UltraStrands Volumisers are light and versatile volumizing solutions created for anyone wishing to have more volume.

UltraStrands Volumisers are so versatile that wearers can afford to wash, treat and even colour their own hair whilst  your volumiser is installed.

Available in a variety of colours, lengths and textures the Volumisers have been designed to blend seamlessly with your own natural hair.

Unlike hair systems which can be heavy and unnatural, UltraStrands Volumisers give you flexibility, visibility and is kinder to your hair.

Catering for everyone seeking additional hair at the crown of their head.

It really doesn't matter how much or little hair you have our commitment is to give you more.

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